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smart people.

bright ideas.

powerful results. 

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our values


business oriented

In nature, celestial rhythms orient the adventurer. In business, market forces orient the entrepreneur. To bring into focus that which was obscured, vision. To look over the horizon at that which was obstructed, perspective. The ability to recognize customer needs and fulfill them. The ability to sense operational inefficiencies and eliminate them. The ability to anticipate market trends and capitalize on them.

This coveted trait embodies those that see the big picture and can successfully navigate all of the moving pieces. To exemplify this attribute is to be a master of all of the traits. This unique quality is a combination of our ten others, in addition to maintaining the unique vision of a business mastermind. It is the ability to view all situations through the lens of a business perspective, on behalf of our client and on behalf of Patrick. It is a relentless focus and understanding that projects, drawings, and technology solutions are all a part of a larger business environment, and celebrates the ability to move the pieces and make decisions accordingly.

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