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our values


open to new methods

Rise and fall, action and reaction, ebb and flow - change is the only true constant. Bend it, twist it, stretch it; even a simple toy can teach us lessons of resilience. It can teach us lessons of technique - simple, flexible, efficient. Though we are all creatures of habit, each of us can choose to change our habits. A willingness to make mistakes, a willingness to learn from others, to be open to new methods, is to be willing to embrace change.


The open to new methods trait highlights our willingness to try something different, to think outside the box and to look at something through a different lens. We value this trait, as it often leads us to the “right” answer. A new solution, a more elegant design, or a more efficient way of doing things. When it is the outcome of professional confrontation, it produces a team unified around new method or idea. This trait recognizes that the world around us is changing – every minute of every day – and we must maintain open minds that are capable of looking at things differently in order to keep pace.

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