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Patrick identifies business drivers and streamlines processes, which helps drive visibility and accountability around people, process, technology, and culture. Our experts work with utilities, transit + passenger rail clients, state departments of transportation, and national labs. Patrick combines automation with intelligence to offer actionable insights enabling clients to make proactive, informed decisions. With a focus on a blend of technology, strategic planning, and change management, some of the largest agencies in the country rely on Patrick for their analytics and advisory services.

our disciplines

  • Strategic Roadmap Development

  • Business Case Modeling

    • Feasibility + Cost Benefit Analysis

    • Regulatory + Rate Case Development

  • Operations Excellence

    • Cost + Schedule Development

    • Project Planning + Alternative Delivery

    • Funding + Financial Management

    • Risk Analysis + Management

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Continuous Process Improvement

  • Technology Assessment + Implementation

  • Performance Management

  • Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

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