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our values


willing to take risks

Without risk there can be no reward. Risk is not something to fear, it is something to manage. Reaching for new heights, making a splash, expanding the boundaries, ambition is a virtue, apathy a vice. A risk-taker leads while others follow, takes action while others contemplate, is decisive, but never careless. A risk-taker is courageous while others fear, takes a stand while others surrender, is bold, but never reckless.


Some of the world’s greatest leaders are the ones that went - first. That tried the new thing - first. That went to the new place - first. That were willing to take the risk in pursuit of the reward. As this trait highlights in its description, it is never about being reckless. Instead, it celebrates being fearless. It is about operating just outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. It is about one’s ability to push oneself just a little further, just a little harder, and just a little longer. How much can you do and how far can you go? This trait commemorates those who answer those questions. This trait celebrates not only big thinking, and big talk – but big actions that support these thoughts and words, and those who take the risk.

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