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Patrick Engineering

Patrick Engineering is a national engineering & design, construction, management services, and technology firm. Since 1979, we have been providing services to local, state, and federal government agencies; private and public utilities; and FORTUNE 500 companies. Having worked in all 50 states and proven ourselves as a trusted partner, clients turn to us for the entire process of project delivery - from planning through construction to operation and maintenance. Patrick accomplishes this with a full suite of engineering disciplines, experienced construction managers, program management and project controls experts, and GIS and asset management technology specialists. We serve clients in the rail/transit, highway, aviation, manufacturing, utility, renewable energy, education, and health care markets. We take pride knowing the projects we work on have a positive effect on the community, society, and the environment.

our history

Patrick Engineering Inc. was founded in 1979 by Daniel Patrick Dietzler, a 1971 civil engineer graduate of the University of Illinois. Dietzler began his career working primarily on the design and construction of hydroelectric and environmental projects for Harza Engineering Company under the guidance of world-renowned engineers. 

Patrick grew from one engineer into a design firm preparing plans and studies for water resources projects and general civil engineering projects. Gradually, the firm became recognized as a railroad, track, and highway design firm and has continued to do work for those transportation clients. In 1999, the company began doing work for electric utilities designing distribution systems, substations, and transmission lines. That same year, Patrick expanded into geospatial services for a variety of clients. 

Patrick grew to 500 employees in 2011, at which time SAIC (now Leidos) acquired Patrick Energy Services, a spinoff of Patrick. Patrick continued to provide electrical engineering services for heavy industrial users and that work continues today. Patrick has also provided our management services expertise to utilities for assistance with smart grid and renewables.

The company has grown over the years to provide infrastructure and technology services to industrial, governmental, and utility clients across the US and in select foreign countries. The company has been ranked among the ENR top 500 every year since 1992. Dietzler is the CEO and remains active in the business.

we are Patrick.

We are not an ordinary company.

Our work lives are steeped in tradition: We are engineers. Designers. Managers of service and providers of excellence. Contractors and design builders and technology experts. We are masters of budgets and schedules and time. Our souls are driven by a deep sense of personal and professional integrity. Honesty and respect are in our blood. We understand the value of a dollar earned and the impact of a dollar spent.

And we are so much more. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. Brothers and sisters and friends and neighbors. We are caregivers, scuba divers, animal lovers, and shoulders to cry on. We coach and run, we teach and learn, and we volunteer. On occasion, we are super heroes. Our work family includes veterans and active service members, first responders and campaigners for causes. Gratitude runs deep and we give back as hard as we receive. We are driven, we are focused, and we are insanely motivated. We are you.

We work hard, we play hard, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Safety is ingrained in our lives and we are passionately committed to results. We believe that what we are doing is important, therefore worth doing right. Dedication goes hand in hand with our missions. We are problem solvers and innovators; commanders of communication and collaboration. We run toward the challenge, not away from it. We take pride in our strength and dignity, our compassion and patience. We are strong individuals who come together in an awe-inspiring team.

We are smart people. We are bright ideas. We are powerful results.

We are Patrick.

engineering + design

Patrick’s engineering team has expertise nationwide as a planning, engineering, and design firm, with a long history of success on a variety of complex projects. Our technical capabilities are diverse, focusing on the transportation, industrial, water resources, and energy markets. We are skilled in providing clients first-class service with a heavy focus on quality and safety, all while maintaining project budgets and schedules. We accomplish this with technical experts in the fields of civil, structural, hydraulic, environmental, geotechnical and electrical engineering; geology, surveying, construction management, process control and geospatial services. Our results-focused professionals are well versed in providing designs that enhance our clients’ operations.

Find out about our engineering + design expertise.


Patrick has provided construction, construction management, design-build, program management, and procurement services to our clients since 1979. Patrick can provide services as a consultant to our clients or as a general contractor (CM, CM at-risk, or Hard Bid). We have significant experience with construction management projects and a variety of delivery methods including EPC, Design-Build, and EPCM. By using these delivery methods, and often bundling our design services, we are able to streamline project schedules, reduce risk, deliver innovation, and provide cost-saving value engineering initiatives.

Find out about our construction expertise.

management services

Patrick provides comprehensive program management, strategic planning, pre-construction services, construction management, and project controls to both public and private clients. Patrick has performed such services on multi-billion-dollar projects and programs, as well as smaller standalone projects. We understand the ultimate goal of serving as a management consultant for our clients – to enable your stakeholders to make informed decisions. Patrick is supported by a centralized Program and Project Management Organization (PMO), which provides guidelines, standards and project management resources to a wide variety of projects. As a result of Patrick’s diverse experience providing engineering and construction services, our PMO team regularly supports and fully comprehends complete project lifecycles, and intimately understands how each and every project element fits into a complete and successful project.

Find out about our management services expertise.


Continuous change and new technology. That is today's environment. Patrick prides itself on the ability to both understand technology and advise clients in a direct and simple manner. Patrick has endured many of the challenges found in the engineering, construction and operations world and has thrived by adapting solutions with a pragmatic approach. Whether utilizing custom geospatial applications (GIS), data analytics and insights development, SharePoint design services or other software platforms, we concentrate on real-world solutions derived from actual experience, and solutions developed internally to support the execution of our projects and work. Patrick leverages its technology agnostic background and our team of software developers, technology consultants, IT/software architects, and project managers located across the US to provide the most cutting-edge services to our clients.

Find out about our technology expertise.

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