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safety | no one gets hurt

It’s about the idea that safety is important.
It’s about providing healthy, safe working conditions.
It’s about placing people first.
It’s about a commitment to our employees, contractors, clients, and ourselves.

However we say it, we mean it. At Patrick, we understand that without attention to safety, achieving excellence in other areas simply can’t happen. Patrick provides our employees with both mandatory and elective safety training to help educate our team members on ways to prevent job site injuries and to achieve our number one goal: Everyone goes home safe.

Patrick has a full time, in-house Safety Manager whose sole responsibility is to oversee Patrick’s safety programs. Our Safety Manager works closely with project managers and construction managers to develop and implement project-specific safe work plans, monitor training and testing requirements, and provide reports to our clients. Patrick is a member of numerous client safety and procurement websites, and we can provide specific information on our EMR, OSHA reports, and insurance policies to demonstrate compliance with our client’s risk programs. We have an excellent safety record and are proud to report our statistics, and more importantly our results – safe employees and projects completed without incident.

While both quality and safety are important in their own right, they go hand-in-hand in ensuring all projects are completed to the client’s satisfaction. Safety shall not be sacrificed for production, but rather considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. Our project teams recognize that a project can only be successful if all stakeholders are protected during the entire project execution. Quality and safety are the first priority on all of Patrick’s projects, and we instill this culture in all project stakeholders.

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safety at Patrick 

  • Full-time safety professional

  • Corporate health + safety manual

  • Individual safety plan written for every project

  • Monthly safety training for employees

  • Safety quizzes

  • Annual safety award

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