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asset + facility management

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our expertise

Answering the question of “Where?” using cutting-edge technology, Patrick provides proactive management of assets to optimize decision-making and management of complex systems and facilities. Interoperability among systems and tracking of performance is essential to helping our clients operate their facilities efficiently. Patrick optimizes performance of assets for campus environments, federal and local government, and transportation agencies. Our experts offer our clients visibility to make informed decisions, and partner with facility managers to develop cost-effective solutions for the entire life cycle of their various assets. With a focus on the user experience, ease of data access, and change adaptation and management, Patrick remains a premier provider of AM/FM services nationwide.

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Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our disciplines

  • Gap Analysis + Solution Development

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis 

  • Data Collection, Inventory + Condition Assessment 

  • State of Good Repair Planning 

  • Capital Planning, Preventive Maintenance + Mid-Life Refurbishments

  • Resource Allocation + Facility Management 

  • Operational Status + Awareness (Outdoors + Indoors)

  • Risk Analysis, Emergency/Event Planning + Incident Response

  • Field Mobility + Workforce Enablement

  • Strategic Data Management + Governance

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Integrations 

  • Location-Based Alerts + Notifications

  • CAD/BIM to GIS Data Automation

  • Geospatial Services

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)

our projects

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