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electric utilities + telecommunications

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our expertise

Utility customers have become more sophisticated and demanding of the services being provided in the new digital landscape. Utilities are now challenged with providing more benefits and interaction with customers without sacrificing traditional safe, secure, and reliable service. We understand our client’s core business drivers and how to apply new methods using technology to address the changing utility landscape. Our team of experts understands the challenges of modernizing aging infrastructure to support an increasing demand to improve customer experience and sustainable power. Our ability to respond quickly with innovative, budget-sensitive solutions with consistent quality is the key to maintaining the level of service clients have come to expect.

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our disciplines

  • Consulting + Advisory Services

  • Federal Grant Assistance

  • Business Case Modeling + Rate Case Analysis

  • Program Management + Project Controls

  • Substation + Distribution Design

  • SCADA Commissioning (check other categories for this)

  • Renewables + Distributed Generation 

  • Reliability Planning, Grid Hardening + Resiliency 

  • Smart Grid + Smart City Planning, Monitoring + Communication

  • Outage Event Management

  • Data Collection + Aasset Management 

  • Geotechnical, Environmental + Permitting

  • Aerial Surveys 

  • T&D and Substation Next Gen Inspections 

  • Business Intelligence + Data Analytics

  • Geospatial Services

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)

our projects

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