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geospatial services

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our expertise

Patrick’s geospatial team partners with clients in the utility, campus, government, and industrial sectors to provide planning and guidance to achieve consistent cost savings and business value. We are a comprehensive geospatial solutions provider, with a wealth of expertise in the field. With an eye toward functionality and a user-friendly interface, Patrick provides full-service assistance to install, configure, and/or build Esri foundational and custom solutions to integrate and maximize the usage of your critical data. Our team is dedicated to helping customers unlock the full potential of their GIS and data to drive informed decisions and transformative outcomes. Whether you require strategic planning, data visualization, or the development of custom geospatial applications, Patrick’s team is ready to offer creative solutions and deliver valuable insights to propel your organization to success.

Learn more about the Patrick Geospatial Services Team at

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our disciplines

  • GIS Consultation + Strategy

  • Data Model + Database Design

  • Data Conversion + Migration

  • Application Development

  • ArcGIS Enterprise + ArcGIS Online

  • Architecture + Systems Administration

  • Cloud Managed + Consulting Services

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Business + GIS Integrations

  • Data Analytics + Visualization

  • Utility Network Services

  • Mobile + Field Solutions

  • Tracking + Traceability Implementation Services

  • ArcGIS Indoors

  • 3D Scanning + Field Data Collection

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)

our projects

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