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oil, gas + refined products

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our expertise

Patrick has extensive experience providing critical services to the oil and gas industry. Our team provides engineering design and construction documentation support to our national clients with the certainty and reliability they need to meet their ever-changing and aggressive schedules and the ever-increasing regulatory agency documentation requirements. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet client schedule and budget needs. With a commitment to safety and quality, we provide experienced talent and design solutions that allow our clients to meet the demands of their competitive environment. Whether our systems are carrying petroleum, natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, carbon dioxide or other fluids for public utilities, refineries, or mid-stream companies, Patrick provides justifiable, value-added design and construction field services with special attention to maintenance and lifecycle costs.

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Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our disciplines

  • Distribution + Transmission Pipeline Engineering

  • Station + Storage Engineering 

  • HDD Engineering (Complex Rail, Large Water Bodies) 

  • Hydrogen Pipelines Engineering

  • Hydraulic Modeling, Studies + Reporting

  • Field Construction Management, Inspection + Document Management

  • CO2 Sequestration Analysis + Engineering

  • CO2 Modeling, Studies + Reporting

  • Renewable Natural Gas Engineering

  • Integrity Management Solutions | HCA/MCA /MAOP Verification

  • Tracking + Traceability Solutions

  • Geospatial Services | Mobile Solutions 

  • Survey + As-Builting Services 

  • Electrical Engineering + SCADA

  • Geotechnical, Environmental + Permitting

  • Civil + Structural Engineering

  • Program Management + Document Management 

  • Process Piping Analysis + Engineering

our projects

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