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water resources

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our expertise

With increasing frequency, clients remain challenged with improving the management of our impervious environment. With today’s climate change challenges, cleanliness, availability, and quality of water is of paramount concern. Our team of engineers and technicians provide innovative, cost-effective solutions and recommendations for a wide range of water management systems and improvements, including the design of reservoirs, dams, and levees. The management and design of drainage systems for stormwater runoff and the systems needed to manage runoff in an environmentally sound manner is a critical component of almost every site/civil engineering project. With a focus on safety, constructability and lifecycle costs, Patrick is proud to meet these challenges with value-added solutions.

Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape

our disciplines

Groundwater Assessment + Supply

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations

  • Flow Direction + Rate

  • Well Studies + Design

  • Groundwater Quality

Surface Water Studies

  • Modeling/Flood Routing

  • Watershed Studies

  • Water Quantity

  • Water Quality

  • Floodplain Studies + Map Revisions

  • Bathymetric Surveys

Surface Water Management

  • Dam Inspection + Design

  • Reservoir Design + Permitting

  • Storm Sewer Design

  • Shoreline Protection

  • Erosion Protection + Sediment Control

Wastewater Management

  • Sewer System Evaluations

  • Sanitary Sewer Design

  • Pumps Stations

our projects

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